Prototyping SIMPLIFIED

Create and share interactive prototypes
for Web and Mobile projects
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Multiple prototypes for a projects

Create Multiple prototypes
for a project

Multiple prototypes for a projects

Share and assign projects with team members

Multiple prototypes for a projects

Support for Desktop and Mobile Designs

Share your designs with Confidence

Seek feedback on your designs instantly for faster iterations

Works across teams and platforms

  • Upload app UI or website design
  • Multiple prototypes for single project
  • Maintain versions of different prototypes
  • Multiple admins for a project

Power-packed Sharing Features

  • Test in device for Mobile App UI
  • Share prototypes with public link
  • Password protected URLs
  • Restricted Access to Prototypes
  • Unlimited sharing links

Prototype as close as real experience

  • Hotspots in prototype
  • Select various transitions for effects
  • Link to screens or external sources
  • Prototype templates for faster workflow

In-built Design Collaboration principals

  • Create UI Guidelines
  • Maintain Brand Assets
  • Organize assets into categories
  • Share guidelines along with UI prototype

Speed up your team's collaboration

In the modern day and many more to come, collaboration across teams is extremely vital. Cohort is a place where we are striving hard to pull up all such capabilities that enhances the productivity, reduces the friction to share, communicate and collaborate.

Take a look at our growing list of such tools and feel free to use them to your advantage. Interested in implementing one these for your organisation?

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