Are Design systems boring and unuseful?

Rania Mdimagh
June 30, 2021
Design System

If you do believe in the title written above, then you have missed A LOT of OPPORTUNITIES!

Design systems are the talk of the IT and design world for so many reasons that cant be denied. Offering the high value of consistency  to Designers to optimize their design process and feel free to extend their creativity and the efficiency in every thing they do is just a blessing! Design systems that marked 2021 made it heaven for  teams to elaborate a consistent design language and a rich pattern library to solve their UI and UX inquiries systemically and overcome technical challenges.

At cohort, we have never been prouder launching Arsenic Design System to the smart Design community helping hundreds of companies achieve consistent and branded product designs faster and with our  7500+ reusable ultra customizable components, 1500+ responsive symbols, 2900+ text type, 650+ layer styles and way more.

The smart value isn’t in inventing, but in curating ;)!

This blog explains it all 

Emphasizing Familiarity in what you create is NOT “Boring “


The temptation of innovating continuously, throwing the old & used to create something totally new from scratch  is what is driving the thought that judges Design system as “boring” because they do promote reusability and familiar designs.

But have they thought of the importance of “familiarity” for the end user? Or the huge wasted time of creating already existing cycles?

Familiar designs are successful designs is a fact that is psychologically proven. Human behavior studies concluded that a human being tends to feel more comfortable choosing what he/she finds familiar. And when we say familiar we don’t mean the superficial visual   but the overall usage experience.

Reusing existing solutions for existing problems is SMART FAST

Smart Fast

I remember a funny saying that a previous boss of mine used to mention every time we ask him for help regarding a work issue, “no problem in this world is new! Google your issue surly someone already found its solution somehow” well Design systems apply this exact saying by being like containers filled with precise design knowledge, specific guidelines, tested and approved components and all kind of proven solutions for common design problems.

Developing consistent practices for consistent designs doesn’t happen overnight. It is a matter of immense efforts, focus, smart analysis and deep understanding in user preferences and behavior. So why wasting time trying to solve a Design problem when someone already created a component that solved a similar problem ?? Why trying to reinvent the wheel if the best tested guidelines are already existing to help you create the best version of what that solution could be?  Design cases are pretty similar and problems are very common, so use it in your favor!

Some heavy lifting common design ambiguities that we made sure to prioritize in Arsenic Design System  are scalable every day designs with repetitive tasks such form designs. With hefty research and interviews of concerned people like designers, product managers, developers and end users, inventories on several webpages & applications and analysis on inconsistent visual styles and visual languages, we came to identify the best practice solutions for common problem cases in Design, and they are all yours!

“Unuseful” Design systems catalyze your design process for more innovation

Design Process

A Design system takes the burden of carrying consistently and efficiently all the repetitive work that is consuming your time and holding you back from starting new projects, so you don’t have to! Then your team can get the chance and space to create new stuff. Is anything more useful than that? 

Instead of trying to recopy and imitate the way you designed messenger app for the 10th time, you can simply get back to your design system robust documentation and find all the tricks to nail it even for 100times faster, smarter and even better! When the same task doesn’t cost you as much time as it did before, you save the time and energy to take a nap or even better: to create mew experiences and components or your future work 

Design systems judged “unuseful” can do wonders to your design process with all the magic provided in its detailed guidelines, robust documentation and branding language. It simply shows you HOW and WHY things should be done!

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We are here to guide you through!

Guide you

Is your organization wrestling with time-consuming design operations, inconsistent interfaces and duplicative design work? Our Design-experimented consultancy team is at your service to help you reach maximum potential and scale you design operations with your Arsenic Design System.
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