Organizing tasks
as Kanban Boards Simplified

Slate helps you visualize your tasks or todo clearly, for better view and distribution of the work.
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Multiple prototypes for a projects

Set up your own boards and create unlimited lists

Multiple prototypes for a projects

Multiple projects and team members to collaborate on

Multiple prototypes for a projects

Collaboration features for a fine-grain control

Get control over things to do

Use it as an Issue Tracker, Project Todo or even your personal goals!

Super easy to start and set up

  • Create project templates
  • Public / Private Projects
  • Project level settings
  • Archive boards

Project level features

  • Import Lists
  • Set up cards
  • Create custom rules
  • Add custom fields
  • Personalise look and feel

Collaborate like never before

  • Add members as you can
  • Labels to automate cards
  • Assign / Tag members
  • Set due dates

Fine grain details of each item

  • Log activity for a card
  • Create checklist for each cards
  • Sub tasks of an item
  • Add attachments

Speed up your team's collaboration

In the modern day and many more to come, collaboration across teams is extremely vital. Cohort is a place where we are striving hard to pull up all such capabilities that enhances the productivity, reduces the friction to share, communicate and collaborate.

Take a look at our growing list of such tools and feel free to use them to your advantage. Interested in implementing one these for your organisation?

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