Get away with Password Fatigue Forget Spreadsheets and Notes

Lockpad allows central storage passwords with encryption, that only authorised persons in your team can access, via powerful browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.
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Multiple prototypes for a projects

Store your all passwords
in one secure place

Multiple prototypes for a projects

Share them with anyone
with view / edit access

Multiple prototypes for a projects

100% secure with private
key and local passphrase

Simple yet Powerful Features

Access passwords whenever you need and share with whoever needs it.

Out of the box Security

  • Chrome and Firefox Extension
  • Server side Secret check
  • Passphrase based lock for each user
  • GnuPG based authentication

Manage each password with great ease

  • Instantly store new passowrds
  • Generate secure passwords on fly
  • Find that password out of the bunch in a click
  • Share password like GDoc©
  • Read / Write / Owner access to team members

Best fit for your Enterprise

  • Self Hosted Option available
  • Whitelabel to your brand
  • Built with best-in-class tool chain
  • Developer friendly APIs

Speed up your team's collaboration

In the modern day and many more to come, collaboration across teams is extremely vital. Cohort is a place where we are striving hard to pull up all such capabilities that enhances the productivity, reduces the friction to share, communicate and collaborate.

Take a look at our growing list of such tools and feel free to use them to your advantage. Interested in implementing one these for your organisation?

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